Artist Note: 
Hello Folks. For the first time, I have begun taking photographs for purely artistic purposes. Here I will put up a photo gallery for public consumption.. mostly HDR pictures. Having the chance to create art gives me pleasure in and of itself, but it also is a form of escapism I want to share with those who seek it. If you like this stuff, then shoot me an email and I'll put you on my list of suckers to spam whenever I post more. I've included various sizes if you care to use any as wallpaper.

If you would like framed prints or have any interest in using these photos for commercial purposes, you can contact me here for 12 Megapixel versions..

You can view some that are in progress here...




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Picture of a weeping willow tree silhouetted under the moon in corfu greece

                                Weeping Willow Tree Silhouetted Under the Moon...

                                (This is a series.. multiple versions)










Photo Hdr image of the small silva villa greek church


Greek Villa Chapel on the Island of Corfu


Photo HDR image of the sky blue airport runway in corfu greece


Blue Sky Airport Runway on Corfu



Night photo of a statue of a greek goddess under the moon with venus at a greek hotel in corfu


Goddess Statue, Moon, & Venus  









brokedown chariot hdr photo farm greece corfu

Brokedown Chariot..

(This is a series.. multiple versions)is is a series.. multiple versions)


Haunted House Spooky Night Photo Hdr


Haunted House down the street in Greece



Old greek church orange grove hdr Digital Photography Stock


Greek Church with an Orange Grove








Pirate bar antique bottles vintage old bottles in greek taverna


Pirate Bar of Vintage Bottles


Greece sunset picture reflection in the puddles HDR photo


Greece Sunset Mirror World



Greek monastery on the water with a nice sunset near mouse island. Hdr


Greek Monastery Sunset on Corfu 








Photo Fireworks display corfu harbor greece

Fireworks Display in Greece...

(This is a series.. multiple versions)


Greek village sunny day flowers hdr photo afionas corfu island

Greek Village of Afionas




Greek islands vista ocean view horizon nostalgic lonely girl by the sea afionas corfu island hdr


Greek Island Ocean View in Afionas








Downtown Atlanta photography hotel pics golden columns hdr image


The Westin Atlanta Hotel


Black and white Greece villa silhouette night moon HDR photo


Black & White Moon Silhouette




Fantasy hdr ancient castle stairs Greece island corfu


Fantasy Castle Stairs








Jet plane hdr Hartsfield airport Atlanta


Hartsfield Airport Jet Plane

Old Greek Church Pictures Cemetery Headstones HDR

Old Greek Church & Cemetary in Paramytha




Olive tree HDR greek villa Greece corfu


Olive Tree Greek Villa







corfu spring tree


Corfu Spring Tree



snowy atlanta winter arch


Snowy Atlanta Winter Arch


snowy nighttime altanta winter road


Snowy Nighttime Atlanta Winter Road






clear picture of the moon


Clear Hand-Held Shot of the Moon




james joyce irish pub hdr bar


The James Joyce Irish Pub HDR


High Speed Lighter Fire with Sparks


High Speed Lighter Fire w/ Sparks

(This is a series.. multiple versions)







Full Moon Cemetery Graveyard Oakland Mausoleum HDR


Full Moon Over Oakland Cemetery










My Creations (Original photos manipulated by me, but some were not taken by me)



640 x 480